Each Winter and Spring, the BDs embark on two-week long tours across the country. We perform at schools, country clubs, parties and events everywhere from the Hollywood Hills, to The Staples Center, to the University of Florida, to hotels community centers in Puerto Rico. See Calendar below for schedule details.


Winter Tour

From roughly December 26th to January 7th, the BDs will head to California for our annual Winter Tour. We drive up and down the state, from San Diego to LA to San Francisco.

                                          Robert and Kevin

                                         Robert and Kevin

For Winter Tour Booking Inquiries, Please Contact:

Robert Brown and Kevin Chen
Winter Tour Managers




Spring Tour

From the dates of March 6th to March 22nd, our Spring Tour will take us up and down the East Coast of the United States, from New Haven all the way to South Florida and back.

                                          Seth and Alex

                                         Seth and Alex

For Spring Tour Booking Inquiries, Please Contact:

Seth McNay and Alex Gerszten
Spring Tour Managers

Booking Calendar