Don’t start stressing yet. Before you begin to worry about that shaky F#, before you even decide what groups to rush, we have to audition for you. Before anything else, you’ll get to hear each group sing a few selections at the Woolsey Hall Jam. It’s a lot of music to take in, but luckily you have another five days – and entire other show held at Dwight Hall – to consider which groups you’d like to join. When the last group finishes singing at the Dwight Hall Jam, you can start scheduling auditions. Now that you’ve signed up for an audition, you’re officially rushing The Baker’s Dozen.

Auditions are meant to be fun for both you and the group. You will sing your best if you are relaxed, so don’t stress out. Here’s how your Baker’s Dozen audition will be structured:


    You’ll start by singing basic scales with the group and on your own to warm-up your voice and display your range.


    Do you like pitch matching exercises? Sweet. You’ll own this portion of the audition. We’ll play some simple note sequences and you’ll sing them back. No sweat.


    The traditional English ballad "Aura Lee" is an important part of the audition process, as it allows each rushee to demonstrate his ability to independently learn new music and blend with members of the group. We ask that you learn one part (tenor I, tenor II, baritone, bass) of your choosing, paying close attention to tone and intonation. We encourage you to find a piano in your residential college to help you learn.

Additionally, please listen to recordings of your applicable voice parts of Aura Lee: Tenor ITenor IIBaritoneBass.

  • SOLO

    Show off your voice with a solo of your choosing. Current members of The Baker’s Dozen auditioned with a wide variety of songs, including Italian arias, Gershwin classics, Broadway show tunes, and Craig David songs that reminded us of middle school dances. How well you sing is far more important than what song you choose.