Connor McLaughlin


Hometown: Flanders, NJ

Nickname: Nor

Voice Part: Bass

Favorite BD Tune: Shenandoah

Major: Robotics

When I Grow Up: I want to be a professional dancer

Position: Spring Tour Manager Emeritus

Alex Gerszten

Hometown:  Brookline, MA

Nickname: Chorizo

Voice Part:  Bass

Favorite BD Tune:  Still Fighting It

Major: Fermentation Sciences

When I Grow Up:  I wanna be Berney

Position: Winter Tour Manager Emeritus

Adam Burton

Hometown:  New Rochelle, NY

Nickname:  Aruba

Voice Part:  Baritone

Favorite BD Tune:  Drift Away

Major: Underwater Fire Prevention

When I Grow Up: I want to be your man

Position: Business Manager Emeritus

Robert Brown

Hometown: Telluride, CO

Nickname: Rebs

Voice Part: Baritone

Favorite BD Tune: Ignition (Remix)

Major: Decidedly Undecided

When I Grow Up: I want to be older

Position: Rush Manager Emeritus

John Augustine

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Nickname: Charmin

Voice Part:  Tenor 2

Favorite BD Tune:  It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Major: Applied English

When I Grow Up: I want to wear Lululemon but still go to church

Position: Pitch Emeritus

Clint Minseung Yoo

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Nickname: Crinton

Voice Part: Tenor 1

Favorite BD Tune: Still Fighting It

Major: Game Theory (Concentration in Uno)

When I Grow Up: I want to know what love is

Position: South Korean Pop Star/Soldier