The BDs Tap Six!

The BDs tapped six new frogs this past week! With a solidified group of 17 members, the BDs are now equipped to kick off a new year of singing and hanging out together! This class of "sickest frogs ever" includes: John Augustine, from Minneapolis, MN; Alex Gerszten, from Brookline, MA; Clint Yoo, from Seoul, South Korea; Adam Burton, from New Rochelle, NY; Robert Brown, from Telluride, CO; and Connor Mclaughlin, from Flanders, NJ. Welcome to the BDs, frogs!

A New Home for the BDs

After nearly a decade at its former address, 109 Howe Street, the "BD Haus" will be located at 250 Crown Street beginning in Fall '14. The newly-renovated, nine-bedroom house will continue to be a hub for BDs on campus, and a home to alumni and friends.

While we may be exchanging Wenzels for Louis' Lunch, the BD Haus spirit will live on and thrive in this new location!